ULU Design, a truly effective strategy design company
First “Brand We-media Planning System” in China,

Without good strategic ideas, any design is powerless.

We firmly believe that only by exceeding clients’ expectations, wining their respect, and establishing industry reputation, can we win business with reputation.
of our business comes from
client recommendation
of our clients cooperate with us
for over three years
Height and systematicness of strategies.
At the strategic level, we are good at starting from the top-level issues of corporates and planning their development direction and path with strategic height. At the same time, we pursue the systematicness of the strategies and build a system around the strategy in order to win comprehensive competitive advantages.
Initiative “Brand We-media Planning System”
A brand is built at low cost. We start from the actual needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, and independently develop the “Brand We-media Planning System” in the industry, so that you can realize the market miracle of brand building and product sales even without the promotion.
Service “beyond clients’ expectations”
“Beyond clients’ expectations” is our service concept throughout the details of our service to clients. We believe from the heart, only beyond the expectations of our clients, can we let them cooperate with us for a long time and win their respect, so as to establish a reputation in the industry.

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